Nearly 600 Clients have been through The Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coaching Program.

ALL have received a 200% ROI Guarantee. We’ve had to grant a refund but once. Here are some comments from just a few PCM Coaching Clients…

“I sent a letter to my customers for an annual private sale. I applied some of the things I learned. The results were stunning! We had a 129% increase. Within two weeks the profit from this one event paid for the coaching program 5 times over.”

Kent Monsen, President Monsen Brothers Appliance

“If you want your business to experience immediate, dramatic growth, you owe it to yourself to enroll in Ascend’s Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching program.”

Dave Tippets, President Paymaster Employee Leasing

“I doubled my business in six months. How did I do it? It was amazingly easy. The first week I implemented just one of the marketing techniques I learned. Suddenly I was able to go from spending hours chasing down one potential prospect at his office, to having six or eight prospects meet me at my office and be glad they came. I never realized business could be done this way. What a refreshing change! And I didn’t have to spend a single additional advertising dollar.”

Murray Blake, Blake & Company Insurance & Investments

“We feel that two of the ideas we got in the first session alone… creating a ‘senior’s’ division and the graduated referral program… make the entire coaching program worth the investment. Just wanted to let you know we feel like we’ve started off with a bang and will reap many benefits from this.”

Marv & Pam Kombrink, REALTORS® RE/MAX Excel

“Through the coaching program I redesigned our literature to tell our story in terms of customer benefits. Because of the compelling offers you helped us develop and the ability to sell from the customer’s point of view, sales are up 25% (200% in one month alone) and we’ve cut marketing expenses by 40%. Who wouldn’t feel appreciative if sales were up, overhead was down, and new doors were opening all the time? Heartfelt thanks to you from Bob and me!

Sue Scarr, VP Marketing VSM Marketing, Manufacturer of Fast -Aid™ Medical Centers

“Sales are up 40% over last year and I attribute at least half of that to the coaching program. I highly recommend the coaching program to any business who wants to increase sales. It has caused me to build the habit of working ON my business, instead of just in it. It’s how you’ve taught me to think, and the marketing habits you’ve helped me to build, that are the greatest achievements of the program.”

Travis Mitchell, GM Keith Jorgensen’s Music Center

“The best I could ever muster for the month of July was $19,000… until I enrolled in your Coaching program. Using the promotional principles and strategies you taught me, I did a private sale and in two days and two hours, I generated $22,000.00 worth of sales. By the time July was over, I came up just $23 short of having a $60,000.00 month! That’s better than three Julys… and it didn’t cost me an extra dime in marketing or margins.”

Frank Coppin, President Coppin’s Hallmark

If you’d like more information, or have any questions about this program, you can read our COACH AGREEMENT HERE.  If you still have questions,  please contact Jim directly: [email protected] or 800-584-7585.

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