General Coach Agreement

Principle Centered Marketing Coaching Program

The parties agree as follows:


  1. All materials required for the Client to complete the Coaching Process.
  2. A series of personalized Coaching Sessions throughout the process.
  3. On-going critique and suggestions for improvement of the Client’s marketing systems in all areas of marketing.
  4. Preferred pricing on advertising agency services from Ascend Marketing, Inc. The Client’s discount for these services is 35%.
  5. Additional products and services as may be added from time to time.


  1. Examine, with the Coach’s help, your marketing efforts and accurately report results. Identify specific marketing and other challenges you face in your business, and cooperate with the Coach to implement changes.
  2. Take responsibility for your marketing. (You may delegate specific assignments or have others participate in the program.)
  3. Adopt an open mind and a willingness to test and apply programs and strategies the Coach recommends and to track results.
  4. Participate fully in the Coaching calls. (Coach & Clients may reschedule Coaching Calls without penalty, as long as other party is notified at least 24 hours in advance of the session.
  5. Faithfully complete assignments and e-mail written work to the Coach at least 24 hours in advance of each Coaching session.
  6. Remit payments on time.


Client acknowledges that The Coach may be an Independent Contractor and not an employee, partner, agent or legal representative of Ascend Marketing, Inc. & in such case releases Ascend Marketing, Inc. and any of its affiliated entities and officers, directors, agents and employees from all liability for any of the Coach’s actions or omissions.


Client agrees not to disclose any Ascend Marketing, Inc. proprietary information, trade secrets, copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise protected principles, strategies, business methods, programs, promotions, terminology, etc., to any other business entity or individual without the express written permission of Ascend Marketing, Inc. under pain of termination of the agreement and forfeiture of guarantee and/or refund rights, and other legal recourse.


___ ACCELERATOR: Program Consists of Standard Coaching Program but Coach completes many creative assignments on behalf of Client. Client must still provide basic information about the business and offers. Client is also granted license to all Ascend Marketing Turnkey promotional programs that may apply or be adapted to the Client business, and the Coach will coordinate creative and production efforts to implement any or all of these programs the Client elects to implement. A 2-year geographically exclusive license is granted for these promotions as part of this program.


___MARKETING GEMS PCM COACHING: The standard Coaching Program as described in the first 2 sections of this agreement, typically consisting of up to 26 training session over a 6 months period of time.




Tuition is payable by the following options.

­­­___ OPTION A: Save 5% on either program by making a single payment up-front.

___ OPTION B: Make equal, monthly installments with the first payment due upon execution of this agreement and with additional payments each succeeding 30 days. Turnkey Installments: 6@ $2,500. MG Installments: 6@ $1,633.34

___ OPTION C: Special arrangements as follows…

Installments: The Trainee agrees to authorize a monthly checking account draw or charge to one of the four major credit cards.

The undersigned agrees to pay a late fee of 5% of the payment amount in the event any payment is not received by Ascend within 5 days of the due date, and agrees to pay reasonable attorney and court costs in the event collection proceedings are required.

All parties agree that the terms of this agreement are to be upheld and enforced under the laws of the State of Utah.


Your Coaching Process is RISK FREE with this exclusive, double GUARANTEE:

1. 2-Session Trial Guarantee: Experience the program for the Marketing Needs Analysis and two additional sessions. If the client elects not to proceed, the Client informs the Coach at the beginning of the 3rd coaching session and the Client will be entitled to a full refund upon return of all materials.

2. One Year, Multiple-X Investment Guarantee: Client completes the Coaching Process and implements in the business according to the specific terms of the written guarantee, which are a part of this agreement. If, at the end of one full year from the commencement of the program, the Client can’t demonstrate revenues and/or savings directly attributable to execution of program recommendations, equal to the specified multiple of investment, in the Client’s specified Coaching Program, the Client may elect to request and receive a refund and keep the materials. The total of the investment, or the difference of earnings vs. the specified multiple of the investment associated with the Client’s specific program, whichever is less, will comprise the refund.


1. Once the Client’s trial period is over, the agreement is considered binding for the duration of the program.

2. On rare occasions, Ascend may elect to terminate a Client for being consistently non-compliant with the agreement. Should this happen, no refunds will be due to the Client. Materials must also be returned to the company.

3. In case of termination by either party, proprietary materials from Ascend Marketing must be returned immediately upon notice.

4. On rare occasions, Clients have circumstances arise that require a suspension from participation for a time. This is acceptable as long as it is approved by Ascend and a specific time to re-engage in the program is identified. Holds that last for more than 45 days will reduce the guarantee to one-time the client’s investment, unless otherwise approved by Ascend. Multiple holds in the process will void the guarantee, unless otherwise approved by Ascend.

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