Paul Furse- Salt Lake City, UT


Paul Furse has been managing and/or consulting small businesses for more than 20 years. As a Regional Manager in one of the world’s largest corporations, he regularly consulted hundreds of small business clients on improving sales volume, profitability, cash flow, and morale. Paul was brought in to turn around a badly underperforming operation. With his leadership, the Regional Service Center quadrupled its volume, repeatedly set production records, achieved the lowest cost-per-account ratio in the nation and received the coveted “Most Improved Office” award.

Paul then continued his career as an analyst for one of the world’s largest consulting firms specializing in small to medium sized businesses.

Paul is also an entrepreneur who has built several small business ventures. As a PCM Coach he brings all of this experience to the benefit of your enterprise, along with his unique analytical skills and the powerful principles, strategies and tactics of the Principle-Centered Marketing System.

Contact Paul at 801.638.0719 or email him at